HUMAN(IST) – Do Not Assimilate!

August 24th, 2016

In my slow travels through the warmer places of the world, I’ve visited countries where neo-Nazis like ‘Golden Dawn‘ hold parliamentary seats. But then, I’ve lived in New Hampshire, USA where swastikas adorned the necks of young men who beat up elderly Jews in supermarket parking lots. In Holland, two elderly Jewish survivors of the Holocaust were beaten by into helplessness. The couple was forced to move into a nursing facility, yet another home lost to violence.

People laughed when the term, ‘secular humanism’ was declared a religion, something I’d urged in a letter written to Bill Mahr, the libertarian entertainer. In discussions overheard about minorities and ‘outsiders’, along with direct verbal and physical assaults upon myself as a Jew, I realized the foreign deity we all fear most is ‘Politics’ with a capital ‘P’. Small letters are best utilized when speaking about the ways people organize life in our communities.

Interestingly, early and later emerging religions espoused human values that were written into constitutions and tort laws. When humans began to believe they were too intellectually advanced to abide by those ‘primitive’ values, (like, thou shalt not murder), their codes of honor were turned into a combination of graceful concessions to the fair sex (thank you Sir Walter Raleigh for the mantle over the mud puddle) and various political systems.

The wars of the world were fought between political systems for resources, (like water rights), and power over those who would potentially enslave them. When humans “assimilated” into these political realms of thought, the religious/humanist principles faded away. When Scarlett O’Hara felt guilty about manipulating others for food security after the Civil War left her destitute and starving, she would say, “I’ll think about that tomorrow.” Obviously the author of ‘Gone With the Wind” did not envision a world where thought police would ensure those reflections upon Scarlett’s own behavior would never recur.

Humanist, thy valued ideals are religious in nature. Do not assimilate because tomorrow you may not be able to find the visions you hold today in the recesses of your mind. There is a disease of government we may refer to as ‘Political Alzheimers’. That’s called fascism and the children of its acolytes (Nazis) and proponents/victims (communists), learn to equate less oppression with freedom.

Tomorrow is now.

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