Israel In Flames

November 24th, 2016

Terrorism has taken another route in Israel – fires have been burning out of control while multiple countries sent additional planes to drop water on our desert nation.  The city of Haifa, home to many University students and hi-tech industries is the latest blaze requiring tens of thousands to be evacuated.  The latest bulletin stated that the fire has been contained and some of the suspected terrorists have been arrested.

Fire is an old weapon and I was in Southern California in 2014 when fires were spreading upwind, a strong signal that arson was responsible for the destruction. There are numerous sources of terrorism throughout the world and we should not be afraid to use the word when other nations use the word to describe similar events.

I was present at a bi-partisan congressional hearing held on March 31, 2000 that determined municipalities (case in point, New York City), ought not spray residents with pesticides from helicopters like they are cropdusting. Terrorism requires analysis of intra-state activities in addition to those by outliers. The attitude of ‘Can’t happen here.”, must be lost. I would have a far larger family were our predecessors in fascist countries more disposed to the analysis of realities.

Perhaps facts are too easily dismissed when emotions ride “low”. A little known equation is Facts + emotion = Truth – denial. Admittedly when you believe a truth to be self-evident, you may have to backtrack from the endpoint to get all the facts required to show others.

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