Let’s Play ‘Name that Poison’!

August 15th, 2006

To the Editor,

Rogers missed a more serious problem. Substituting the term, ‘smells,’ for ‘fumes’, allows the problem of poisoning by dangerous pollutants to resemble mere whining about unpleasant odors. The census bureau indicates that over a quarter of young Americans aged 16-64, have chronic illnesses and/or disabilities. Consumers need to realize many illnesses are being invited into their homes including supposedly ‘stress’ related headaches and reflux, asthma, frequent infections, autoimmune disorders and allergies.

Premature damage to the central nervous system has been well-documented by distinguished researchers and put into layman’s terms (e.g., ‘Endangered Brains’ by Dr. Kaye Kilburn). We are exposed to nervous system poisons from the routine spraying of pesticides in every urban edifice on a weekly to monthly basis. Our anti-aging and detoxification systems have been co-opted by industry to deal with their profitable onslaught of frank offensive hazards like paints and cleaning solvents to deceptively pleasant air fresheners and candles. Like smoke from a fire, all fumes easily pass from one unit to another until entire buildings become a danger to most inhabitants.

So move into that apartment complex today and begin planning for your next move into an assisted living facility…to celebrate your 40th birthday.

Barbara Rubin

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