‘Welfare Lite’ is the Tape for Torn Contracts

August 22nd, 2006

To the Editor,

CAPitalism used to represent a contract between Employer (possessing the drive and capital to produce desirable goods and quality services), Worker (accomplishing employer goals in return for wages/benefits proportional to their contribution) and Consumer. The latter rewards successful employer-employee unions with their dollars. Collusion between government and corporate gangsters perverted the terms of this honorable contract:

CAPtive employees. Competition refers to how many essential employment costs can be shifted to government to provide for food, housing and medical expenses.

CAPtive consumers, buying products and services unworthy of exchange for honest dollars. Trade associations agree internally not to improve upon quality lest someone take over an ‘unfair’ share of the public ‘trough’. Trade secrets hide harmful and undesirable ingredients, but then consumers are already applying for medicaid as they lose their own wages and benefits.

Contracts have to be enforced on all ends, from a viable minimum wages and health care to the full disclosure of product ingredients to restore competition. A successful business ought to honor the contract. New entrepreneurs can request the investment by underpaid employees for future rewards. A bad business deserves to fail.

Barbara Rubin

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