July 24th, 2017

I’m holding the United States Constitution hostage inside American bookstores until you meet a few simple demands. When you look at the shelves where those are located, hear these words in your ears.

Born in Washington Heights, N.Y., my grandparents and parents showed the youngest daughter of the house the great potential to be nurtured within a land founded upon the premise of opportunity. The vast numbers and varieties of individuals arriving on these shores expanded that premise to embrace persons whom the founders had never met, nor dreamed would someday live within the United States. We helped evolve the laws and our customs based upon the education of children born and brought here to value freedom. However, among those numbers are those who help guard the physical and ideational premises of the framers and also those diluting the pool of builders and defenders.

I spend part of each year in Israel where my ‘other’ nation, (first nation by heritage), doesn’t even have a constitution. The nature of our laws are so well developed over thousands of years of study and development that we only ask those individuals who do not follow Jewish law to live in dignity with us. A million and a half Arab-Israelis appear to agree with that view and many volunteer for army service despite the fact that the draft of both men and women is limited to non-Arab citizens. The trust in our humanity is so great that the Israeli military is famous for each soldier having to take responsibility for all actions taken, no matter what orders are given. We learned from the Nuremberg trials never to use the phrase, ‘I was only following orders.’, as reason to do harm.

The basic laws of dignity, found within the U.S. constitution’s articles and Bill of Rights, infer that torture should not be utilized in our name in the vast majority of situations where torture is still performed. Our tax dollars still go towards the upkeep of Guantanamo Bay, unique in its’ nature that promises torture for all prisoners. Prisons within our own fifty states are also known for promulgating or permitting torture by guards and between prisoners. We’ve long known that the practice of torture in most cases is done purely to train torturers. The tortured are irrelevant and their temporal rulers are forever compromised by their heinous acts, to serve the state or group paying their salaries. This was detailed in my previous post regarding Dachau Concentration Camp.

Lastly, our mounting numbers of disabled and sick children (around fifty percent) and adults demonstrates that our environments do not support healthy life – hence the crisis in health care demands and costs. Preventable illness is a torture indeed.

I used to have a small copy of the US Constitution in my back pocket, representing a modern standard that not in conflict with the ancient standard represented by the silver Shield of David around my neck. Very few modern governments allowed our minority group to follow our own laws while engaging in local standards of life while those evolved. I misplaced my copy of the Constitution around three years ago and would like to make three demands before I liberate another copy from Barnes and Nobel, or other bookstore. Should these demands be met, my faith in the ability of Americans to return to the heritage of the founders will rise again – not unlike the South plans to do after industry returns to this continent and utilizes OSHA laws for healthy workplaces. Having pondered long and hard about the wonderful advantages an education offers, it’s easy to envision factories that even the holder of a PhD degree might want to work within. Business has yet to explore the full potential of our creative impulses and citizens need to think about more than mere health care benefits when choosing to devote time and energy to the building of a private enterprise.

Perhaps Americans might muster a few million people to demand that Congress defund Guantanamo Bay. Congress isn’t all that fond of it and supervised military prisons here can handle the load of foreign terrorists within legitimate parameters. Next, form civilian volunteer boards to enter the federal and state prisons your tax money funds. Ensure the health and well-being of those working towards rehabilitation because conditions in the communities outside of prisons rarely exceed those inside of prisons. Pretending ignorance doesn’t work well. Lastly, look into the indoor environments and air quality within prisons. Apply that learning to your own neighbourhood homes and schools. Your doctors will be grateful and perhaps place more faith in their patients when called upon to determine what forms of insurance will be honoured within their practices.

This three minute revolution has been brought to you by a teacher disabled by exposures to toxic chemicals and worked with the EPA to improve life on our continent.

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