Conflicts Within

January 24th, 2019

United States Law is being challenged by the very persons paid Federal wages. We first saw criminal law enforcement at a State level, (Maryland), flouted in the Kavenaugh ‘job interview’, before the Senate judiciary committee. The lessons of the approval process for our newest Supreme Court justice will last for many years. Criminal charges are to be investigated by police and/or a District Attorney before the legitimacy of purported crimes committed in a given place are blazoned before the public. The last post on this blog spoke to the issue.

Now we see the Boycott, Sanction and Divestment movement against Israel once again brought before the public, this time by junior Congresswoman Talib. Senator Rubio of Florida, as others have done before him, justifiably terms her push as anti-Semitic. His views are well supported but the charge of anti-Semitism would be a matter for the Congress and her constituency to determine for purposes of censure or recall. Most importantly, Ms. Tlaib may be in violation of one or more United States federal laws.

The possessor of a purse, where competition in the marketplace is allowed, always makes a statement about those vendors and manufacturers who are regarded with approval. Within my memory, individuals stopped eating grapes until the harvesters were given better wages. There was no call for a legally enforceable boycott by entities consumers didn’t own, i.e. colleges, towns, cities or states. Nets for catching tuna were improved when the public eschewed the companies harming dolphins in the inferior nets of the period. There was no law passed. Only consumer pressure was wielded with a well-defined reason for the action endangering wildlife.

The push to force boycotts of companies registered in Israel has crossed the lines of consumer activism into the manipulation of legal processes and alteration of established treaties with favoured nation status. BDS targets a nation rather than individual companies where the owner is identified and corporate policies analyzed for documented harm. Congresswoman Tlaib is abusing the powers of her office. Her claims about ‘mixed loyalties’ also violates policies held by the Department of State. U.S. citizens may hold up to three passports, including the U.S. travel document. There is no question of divided loyalties being involved unless the U.S. citizen takes a job within the additional governmental structures, thereby establishing an outright conflict of interest.

This harkens back to Eisenhower’s 1954 measure revoking the privileges and rights of citizenship for Americans in the communist party. To be a party member automatically places the member in the paid or otherwise remunerated individual in the service of another government. The constitution forbids the U.S. government from competing with citizens in the marketplace and so may not make a profit. Communism endows the fascist or communists in charge of that government with ownership and/or control over all property and production. Communism is only a government, rather than a state or nation and knows no borders. Movement of communists (open or secret), and refugees fleeing communism, is a hallmark symptom of its borderless nature (evolution of the dissolution of states into ‘communism’).

This returns us to another issue treated in this blog regarding national democratic socialists. Known as the “SS” in Nazi Germany, they were voted into power when the American stock market crash of 1929 tightened credit and frightened the stretched, but manageable burdens of the Weimaraner government. The SS platform was identical to communist practice, endearing that group to Stalin. Food and jobs were promised, with all potential competitors for these commodities now under government control, to be eliminated. The SS choice for ‘competitor of the ages’ was the Jewish nation. The promotion of a physical archetype called ‘Aryan’, a tall, blond and blue-eyed physiognomy, was counter to the expected physical attributes of most Jews, Romanies, Asians and other undesirables.

In effect, the SS specified a particular type of communist group to envelop the western world, leaving the rest to other fascist ‘races’. In terms of their purported hatred of communists, it was a case of, “Methinks thou dost protest too much.”. Fewer communists were killed in their conquered lands than those nationals believed unable to adopt a ‘one’ group solution. Those nationals were, themselves, likely to have revolted against their own leaders in communist territories. Stalin didn’t mourn those deaths in the least, boasting (not mourning) 20 million War-related deaths among his own army. Fifty thousand members of the SS were left in Stalin’s hands at the close of WWII.

Given this history of the National Socialist Democrats, we are required to look askance at other freshmen members of congress espousing this philosophy along with future candidates operating in this vein. Socialism is not the Keynesian economics of genuine republics nor does it foster nationhood. A nation under seige by foreign entities will put life ahead of an economy but must respect the life of each member. Economics is a tool for free persons to enlarge liberty. Pooled tax revenues make sense to pay for urgently needed goods and services, like schools, a military and an infrastructure for health, safety and transportation needs.

That does not guarantee health care or a car in every garage. A university degree exceeds requirements for ‘funded’, compulsory education. High reimbursement rates per student in a given elementary school district may do more to impoverish taxed property owners than it does to teach Johnny how to read.

Is the BDS movement really a mode of arm-twisting in altering international relations while feeding a ‘deep State’ whereby citizens serve other governments by threats to economic stability mandated by rule? Does Ms. Tlaib want the Palestinians dependent upon the international charity that has prohibited their development of industry? That type of income puts the Palestinian authority in charge of all distribution and management of monies and property, the reason why Egypt and Israel favour the destruction of the homes of convicted Palestinian terrorists. Has there been a new census in the Palestinian Territories of who the descendants of the original 700,000 residents of the area named ‘Palestine’ by Roman legions that sought a return to sovereign Israeli lands? Have some been displaced from ‘Juden-free’ Gaza to make room for millions of others seeking guaranteed incomes and lodgings in return for demonstrated political loyalties?

Free enterprise does not force itself upon consumers. When I buy a product, I research the owners of the company. My liking for soaps made from Dead Sea minerals led to my personal selection of a single vendor from among other companies selling those products. The nation whose members created life around the Dead Sea, where no life existed under nature itself, is rightfully regarded as a creation of members of the ‘Start Up’ nation. I’m responsible for tracking the paths trodden by corporate entities I patronize.

Is there life in the Congressional body of the ‘Upstart Nation’, my name for the youthful United States of America? Elected members of congress are skirting the edges of that law in a dangerous manner. Pointing out unfairness in the actions of Tlaib is laudable, as per Senator Rubio’s remarks. However, statements about the legal challenges inherent to the behavior of congressional representatives is also required. Guided by that 1954 law, the Logan act and the Taylor Force Act, the houses of our legislators might again be shored up to promote life and liberty.

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