The State versus the Nation/Kingdom

December 24th, 2021

I’m a citizen of the (former Republic) USA and used the Law of Return back in 2014 to be able to enter/exit the official borders of Israel without limits. The Law of Return offered myself not a passport but an identity number. The identity papers stated my nationality was Israel. I later learned these papers have no relationship to the incorporated State that came into being in 2007. I pay VAT taxes and have no limitations upon length of visits but I also lack citizens’ rights in the matter of goods and services pertinent to every declared region of the Land.

I am a known refusenik, having declined membership in the communist party on several occasions, and have no political affiliations. Today, I am a prisoner in the incorporated state of Israel due to a small debt of a non-criminal nature (described in paragraphs below). Involvement of the State, responsible for entry and exit privileges, with business is a characteristic of communism – an unknown within the national viewpoint and religious law.

In realization of the injustice, the Israeli Ministry of the Interior ordered a one-year Israeli passport to be granted to myself after I was drugged and robbed of my USA passport in California last August, (2021). I had been using the US passport exclusively for travel and don’t claim State Citizenship. The ministry was informed how I’d never been issued a passport. Told to collect the new passport in Chicago, the order was refused by both consular, and later, Israeli government offices in Tel Aviv. Interest appears to be mounting at a rate entitled to the label of ‘usury’. I was refused an appointment to arrange payments because I don’t speak enough Hebrew to conduct business.

The USA consular services in Tel Aviv lately allowed myself to pay $110 plus a punitive fee of $35, (for loss of state property- the passport), in return for a limited validity passport. The State of Israel then refused to allow myself to exit the state under the USA passport to get to another country where I might resolve all legal problems without impediment. I believe it to be a form of persecution when national identity is conflated with corporate identity. I have not sought State citizenship for religious reasons, believing only religious law belongs in Middle Eastern kingdoms.

It was a source of discomfort to myself when health insurers and phone companies required automatic payments be made directly through bank accounts in Israel. I cancelled my health insurance when forced to hire American doctors exclusively to sign my disability reports each year. I ended my phone contract after the SIM was stolen among numerous thefts I’ve reported to the authorities. This limited the accumulation of charges when I was not in Israel to monitor bank balances. Nonetheless, there must never be an automatic connection between commercial matters and laws passed to achieve state aims except for felony level criminal matters.

In Israel, the ‘frame’ of our legal system is four thousand years old. We didn’t emerge fully grown, like Athena, from the head of Zeus, in 1948. The Kingdom must be defined separately from the Incorporated State and the fact I was never eligible for a passport is proof the distinction exists.

What is a passport? A passport is the portal to two-way travel with respect to national or State identity. The individual graced with the trust of Guardians of the Law -to represent regional laws- must not be defined by wealth or occupational status. The granting of a visa might require a visitor to attest to the ability to afford sustenance within the destination point. The individual unable to afford sustenance might then be refused or even granted legitimate refugee status, but that is a separate issue.

Another issue is the stated belief by governments, that passports are State property. Why would passports then be issued to nationals other than those employed/owned by the State? The person imbued with the privilege to hold a passport personally ‘owns’ the laws of the nation/state as written in tomes recording judicial determinations. The courts of Israel predate the entry of Israelites into Canaan, under the leadership of Moses.To penalize a national for loss of travel permits (versus sale or criminal exchange) through the withholding of replacements is to deny the visible representation of a nation – the national or bearer of the document. Courts must be involved at the religious level. Moses did not consult a Ministry of Justice, nor did King Solomon. Tribal membership was required.

Passports, in the guise of state property, must not exceed the value of the bearer!

I’ve been unable to gain entry into the Israeli legal system due to my inability to speak Hebrew. I’d have to pay large sums of money to afford representation in appropriate venues. My income is limited to Social Security, only enough to sustain myself under conditions of persecution by the corporate entity, (_____ Law firm), presently serving as the collections agent for Bank _______. This brings Bank _____ into questionable status for choosing the ______ Law firm. Under Jewish law, a person/entity is responsible for the actions of their agents to a degree determined by religious courts.

The intent of the Law firm, which claims to have no English speakers within, is written on an English translation of their website. They pledge to treat small and large debts alike and to bring debtors “home”.

My use of religious courts at present, appears to be impeded by my inability to label myself either Ashkenaz or Sephardi, two different modern classifications of Jewish persons. I use the term, “Israelite”, in recognition of the Covenants with Abraham, Isaac and Yaakov, all serving to unite us across the ages into the future when the Third Temple is to be built in Jerusalem.

Therefore, I’m seeking legal advocates to represent myself in a case about the nature of passports. To have businesses disqualify a national from being bound over for a non-criminal business matter , redefines citizens and tourists of the State as consumers and commodities. The collection agencies should have to consult religious courts before impoverishing a national and reducing Israelites to the status of property. It should be determined whether criminality is involved in the debt and establish whether due notice was made regarding execution proceedings. Neither is true in my own case.

In Israel, both civil and criminal law is the religious law of the nation/state. We are a Kingdom, not a Republic. I’m also a woman and a disabled senior, easily subject to lower status in today’s world courts. Religious courts would not deny my equality in Israel.

Please get in contact should you believe you might assist in the individual and group issues written here today.

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