Boycott and Divest of Israeli Businesses not following Jewish Law

February 9th, 2022

My name is Barbara Roslyn Rubin and my blog at describes major events in the life of the Jewish granddaughter of survivors of Lenin’s influence in Eastern Europe. The religious portion of my ancestry, who numbered in the dozens, were slaughtered during WWI in Russian Poland. The next generation followed basic traditions in the U.S.A. but eschewed orthodoxy given invisible pressures. Uninformed of these unfortunate societal trends, racial memory led to self-education and my return to our full tradition by the end of my teen years.

After my disability retirement allowed for a degree of travel, I used the Law of Return to enter Israel as a non-resident in 2014, still tied to the U.S. for medical care. By that time, trends in immigration, (as industries were bought out by larger entities),favored low wage, non-Jewish labor. Despite the Nation-State Law of 2018, declaring the Incorporated State of Israel to hold Jewish Law as the only Law of the region, entry today is only one-third Jewish. The level of anti-Semitic targeting has risen and I’m presently an economic prisoner under tortuous conditions in the Incorporated State. By law, I’m a citizen under the 1950 statutes wherein Israel is a Nation/Kingdom.

This latest arrival in Israel on October 18, 2021 followed a prolonged lack of communication between myself and a financial institution due to Covid and general incompetence/malice on the part of a collections agency. All the company needed to do was collect a small, negative bank balance of $600. I’m a public figure on the internet and easily reachable. Still, I learned an order of execution for that non-criminal debt had been levied and I would be prohibited from leaving Israel until it was paid – along with interest accumulating at a highly unusual rate. The Jewish Law against Lashon Hara (evil speech) prevents my mentioning the corporations involved.

Despite a few irregularities in accounting, I fully intended to honor the bill. Then came a conversation with their collection agency that violated both Jewish law and international business law. They had never given due notice about the writ to be filed with the Ministry of Finance when the debt was still manageable from outside the country. Here in Israel, the law firm refused to meet with myself to make payment arrangements claiming they had no English speakers on staff.

I’m disabled, sixty-six years of age and dependent upon Social Security for my income of $2,100 monthly. Since my imprisonment here for consumer debt, (rarely encountered outside of communist countries), I’ve been assaulted three times in attacks reported to the police. These consisted of vehicular ramming, stoning with a rock and sexual assault. The assaults reported took place in or near hostels. I’ve since been refused rooms in these affordable lodgings as a targeted guest. Several lawyers affirmed my non-resident status but were unwilling to pursue further action. I’m unable to engage in earning additional money here as an English-speaking non-resident. Earnings are likely to be possible only in the country where I legally reside and have a passport – the U.S.

My deteriorating health makes leaving more urgent. I require two biopsies for a facial lesion and a lump in my breast (breast cancer survivor with a 2011 surgery). These must be done by my own surgeon who accepts my US insurance and is already familiar with my overall medical presentation. I have no savings because I became disabled twenty-two years ago via poisoning, requiring myself to avoid paying insurance in two countries.

It is against Jewish Law to risk a persons’ life unnecessarily making prohibition of travel for myself an egregious violation of this government. Due to violations of Jewish law and accepted international standards, Jewish persons need to boycott and divest in Israeli businesses unless these are brought back into line with Halacha. Lesser standards are also unacceptable for non-Jewish owned businesses.

Please write the Prime Minister to urge economic advancement through our customary morality and non-interference by government in matters of (non-criminal) consumer debt.

Barbara Roslyn Rubin

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