An End to Gaslighting?

March 6th, 2022

My post today is a celebration of another CBS victory via the 60 Minutes broadcast of 2/20/21, later followed up by Al Jazeera news. The subject was most familiar to myself, a target of gaslighting at various points in my time. Methods change but evil remains pretty much the same and usually in acknowledged until it targets the most powerful segments of society. Havana Syndrome has finally hit the news.

At times, when the bulk of a society suffers together for food, health care, shelter, religious liberty or other basic needs, the truth is based upon ‘grass-roots’ movements. I was a part of the movement – championed by litigators on the level of a Robert Kennedy Jr. – where toxic exposures were revealed as a major cause of ill health and diseases like cancer and auto-immune disorders.

These injuries were at first ‘conveniently’ termed stress related, like Gulf War Syndrome until codified in the annals of medicine. I added to the literature in letters posted on this blog through letters in medical literature like the British Medical Journal

and via testimony before Congress and the New Hampshire state legislature

The ‘top-down’ model is now on stage at the 60 Minutes broadcast this week, to ‘out’ Havana Syndrome. While a few toxic exposures are incidental as with treatments for serious infestations of vermin, Havana Syndrome is always malevolent. The top brass in United States embassies located in communist countries like Cuba and China reported permanent forms of brain injury to both staff workers and their families. Toxic exposures were also numbered among the attacks but a newer method involving sound waves and microwaves were confirmed as a major hazard.

When the Department of State posted a request for further reports of this phenomenon on their website a few years ago, I was in Nevada and witnessed this painful phenomenon personally. Apparently, thousands of respondents have helped physicians, formerly intimidated into silence about politically motivated physical injury, to be strengthened into the legitimate investigation of reliable reporters of illness.

Ross Perot funded the Gulf War studies (via researcher Dr. Haley at UT of Dallas), saving many lives and reputations through genuine intellectual honesty in medicine. No lesser inquiry is needed today for these new dangers moving from governmental levels to the common spaces of today’s world.

Mandatory reporting of toxic exposures led to my sending some lab test results taken from a school setting in April of 2000 to appropriate authorities. A member of the Environmental Protection Agency then knocked on my office door in May of 2000 and asked for my help in ending the use of unnecessarily toxic substances around vulnerable populations (e.g.schools and hospitals).

I agreed and this blog represents a lot of the reportable results. Retaliation was severe for the activism enjoined upon myself, rivaling the contents of legal, medical and political novels marketed world-wide. The horror genre might be a better descriptor.

My non-fiction articles here include articles about religion, law and the desire for life driving First Nations everywhere. Idolatry has shifted from visual references based in a fear of both nature and human nature, to the worship of governments as the source of existence on earth.

In the Middle East, Abraham walked away from idolatry in the city of Ur (located in modern Iraq) around four thousand years ago. His descendants remained devoted to the advancement of life in the arid climate of the Middle East. Organized freedom through faith began here. Technology, used to positive advantage, will enlarge liberty throughout the region without internal conflict because of the strength of religious law.

The West, wrestling with identity politics instead of with angels, has its nose out of joint these days. I tossed away my oxygen tank and cane, arriving in the Middle East to see the results of more ancient drives. Maturity will not stand for a return to death camps and the present-day denial of sophisticated weapons of destruction in the hands of the masses. Forced to work within the limitations of my own disabling injuries, there is still a future to be built.

And now, the truth is in your hands.

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