Manufactured Controversy serves Manufacturers

October 31st, 2006

To the Editor,

Why are 9/11 dust victims discussed as if they are a rare phenomenon? The incidence of poisoning from hazardous substances in common usage and via byproducts of manufacturing and accidents, is no mystery.

Medical journals and worker’s compensation records detail risks for workers, (from firefighters to housecleaners), from toxicity of everyday exposures. Reputable studies on poisoning as underlying many veterans’ illnesses were cited by the GAO as purposely ignored by our government. Carol Browner’s EPA showed some 17,000 complaints received before the manufacturers of Dursban insecticide were ‘urged’ to withdraw their product from the marketplace. The compilation of data on persons disabled and dead from chemical injury is staggering.

Biochemistry is not subject to OMB reviews, the Dow Jones average or public opinion. Assaults upon biochemistry are perpetuated by intentional ignorance. Just count grave markers and check the disability statistics if you want to report the reality.

Barbara Rubin

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