An End to Gaslighting, Part II Dear President Biden

March 13th, 2022

Dear President Biden,

From the N.Y. Times (Oct. 8, 2021), D. Sanger, K. Rogers and J.E. Barnes published an article that might end a decades-long source of anguish to doctors and patients.

Biden Signs Legislation to Compensate Victims of Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’

Biden Signs Legislation to Compensate Victims of Mysterious ‘Havana Syndrome’
The bill leaves it up to the heads of the C.I.A. and State Department to make their own determinations as to who is covered and how much compensation they receive.

Excerpt from the article:

“President Biden signed into law on Friday a new government program to compensate C.I.A. officers, State Department diplomats and other federal officials who have suffered traumatic neurological injuries that the intelligence community has yet to figure out, launched by assailants it cannot yet identify.”

My name is Barbara Roslyn Rubin, author of this blog about the kinds of terrorism of our day, found in the most peaceful of communities. It has driven productive members of society from jobs and homes; broken up families and impoverished millions. Police have become major victims because of practices that turn youthful and mild-mannered adults into assailants capable of crippling law enforcement staff members.

My blog covered the remarkable expose just last week here in the post titled, “An End to Gaslighting”.

It’s been six months since this compensation package came to light in the back pages of the news media. The impetus for these revelations was for top level, federal employees to disclose and get compensation for conditions that tore much of American society apart.

I’ve been part of an enormous grass-roots movement to prove hazardous exposures, diagnose resultant damage to persons and property, and obtain remuneration for the past quarter century. Some of the bravest researchers, doctors and everyday members (and pariahs) of society are known to myself from personal contacts with tireless, online activists saving lives on a daily basis from invisible (and therefore deniable) threats to human health.

Mr. President, you pride yourself in your role as a ‘grassroots leader’, facing the grief of unacknowledged battles and 60 to 80 hour workweeks representing the American work ethic. That familiar drive has been forgotten as the public is vilified for “lockdown unemployment” and vast numbers of the disabled generally taunted as ‘lazy’ or presumed mentally ill with somataform disorder (formerly called hypochondriasis).

Please address in public the reason every street cop feels the need to go for his gun when pedestrians pull out their cell phones. Please have your Department of Justice validate their observations of persons like myself in the public eye, instead of redacting our records. Please have your Department of Defense validate the hazards of having Weapons of Destruction in the Hands of the Masses equal with the treat of Weapons of Mass Destruction (WDMs and WMDs).

The doctors have been gutted and hamstrung with denials of poisonings as frequently encountered as the common cold. Forced from ignorance, resulting in the humiliation of patients work-wide, to their own brand of ‘wokeness’ borne of mandatory education in toxicology, permission to diagnose remains a rare phenomenon.

We need a “truth stimulus” that no congressional budget contains, along with restoration of toxic torts being addressed in both criminal and civil courtrooms. Solid evidence has always served as the greatest deterrent to crime and immorality. Come down from the rarified atmosphere of political poison to the original force behind freedom – the Truth, on the ground, now.

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