To Prime Minister Bennett – I need to cancel my Aliya

March 23rd, 2022

To: Prime Minister Bennett of Israel

This letter is addressed to yourself via my blog because the governmental offices are closed to myself and I am a prisoner of Zion in Zion. The nation-state law failed to warn that the language of most Aliya candidates, English, would be a prohibited form of communication unless I took a preferred ‘political’ position.

I’m a refusenik and belong to no parties given the fact of Jewish Law being preeminent in HaAretz. Due to my income being limited to Social Security, the unfortunate fact that you must pay off Hebrew speakers to get appointments with government agencies is against Jewish Law.

Therefore, I respectfully inform you of my needs, as a disabled senior who made her way to Zion despite enormous difficulties at the age of fifty-nine under the Law of Return. My arrival was delayed by the need to be healed from breast cancer, interrupting my Aliya schedule. A brilliant surgeon in NYC kept her own covenant with her patient and I kept mine with Israel. Now I’m faced with the need to revoke my citizenship, believing my Aliya was not genuine after all. I remain a non-resident without a passport. The first was due to ongoing annual assessments for my disability income back in the States. The latter is unfathomable but I’m no longer seeking the passport now. Returning my Tzeudat in exchange for a tourist visa, until my travel plans are arranged, is impossible without appointment with agencies I can’t reach.

Failure to warn, on the part of the part of the Jewish Agency and Israeli consulates, left myself without the understanding that notice of an outstanding debt via writ of execution involved imprisonment in HaAretz. A mere $600 escalated during the COVID lockout to impossible numbers. I narrowly avoided an illegal scam to believe I’d paid.

I must leave the country in order to:

—-obtain medical care with physicians familiar with my medical needs under my insurance.

—obtain affordable legal assistance to resolve debt issues here. The collection agents deny the ability to speak in English with their targeted debtors (formerly clients of a bank).

—-obtain employment as a master teacher with new paradigms in education (purpose, curriculum and funding mechanisms). I can’t work here to earn enough money to survive. My classes are manageable within my disability parameters.

Please arrange an appointment with the appropriate government staff to drop citizenship (in name only), get a tourist visa for the time remaining on this visit, and to vacate the writ. I don’t believe the Incorporated State of Israel is supposed to imprison foreign nationals for non-criminal, consumer debt. I fully intend to pay as a former client of the Bank Leumi.

Thank you for your attention.

Barbara Roslyn Rubin
No address
Legal resident of Reno, NV

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