Dear MK Bezalel Smotrich; Demands of Middle Eastern Laws must be Met

March 31st, 2022

Dear MK Bezalel Smotritch

You are known to be a champion of religious law in Israel. Please explain how some of the most non-Jewish of laws rules the Incorporated State of Israel through its business sector.

With all due respect, MK Smotritch, I find it unfathomable how you object to the BDS movement while still representing a government that keeps economic prisoners within the recognized borders of the Incorporated State, even its non-residents. I once heard a tour guide describe Israel as a country with Western values. Might that be ‘SS’ party values of the year 1920, 1933 or 1939?

Please have your most honest reporters interview the minister of finance, Avigdor Lieberman. In question, is the ‘writ of execution’ order that keeps debtors (or defendants in law suits) forbidden to leave our borders without signs of criminal intent to defraud businesses. Jewish people are actually becoming a minority open to physical and psychological persecution and businesses appear to have ignored all religious laws pertaining to accusations of wrongdoing. Where are the Jewish courts meant to arbitrate disputes via methods known to ourselves from the time Moshe Rabbeinu led our people to HaAretz.

On the economic level, debtors begin as clients of businesses, primarily of bank products (e.g. loans, credit cards), medical services, food, shelter and clothing. Clients turn into debtors due to financial losses (robbery, illness, emergencies) and cessation of employment, far more often than for reasons of criminality. Here is a summary of the writ of execution and its effects:

Israel’s Treatment of Insolvent Debtors | מרכז טאוב

Due process is called for in criminal proceedings to determine the basis for an accusation. There is no consistent practice of due process on the part of the Ministry of Finance before businesses are allowed to order the indefinite detainment of ‘citizens’. It is lashin hard to presume criminal intent (fraud) on the part of a debtor and even plaintiffs might be considered as holding a degree of guilt upon initiating legal actions. The likelihood of fiscal errors and failure to notify (e.g. during COVID lockdowns) while a debt is still small enough to pay for those with limited means, is significant.

I arrived in Tel Aviv last October without knowledge of this process, only to be told I was an economic prisoner. The cause was a debt within my ability to pay on my Social Security income. I was not allowed to pay, turning an already evil law into an incarceration of potential targets for further injustices. Trust was an outstanding quality amongst the population when the majority rule here was solely Jewish in nature.

Over half the new applicants for citizenship entering Israel after 2000 are non-Jewish according to a 2014 government report. Just over half the Aliya candidates entering under the (Jewish) Law of Return as of 2018 did not qualify as being Jewish by the Rabbinate. This data is reported in the following news article:

This appears to support the assertion that a virtual occupation of the Incorporated State of Israel is underway by those seeking to undermine the Jewish nature of the center of the Kingdom of Israel. We all know the loss of a majority Jewish population inevitably leads to persecution of Jewish persons within a region.

I was born in Washington Heights, New York City. Most were grandchildren of survivors of Eastern Europe under Lenin’s hammer (workers) and sickle (peasants). The entirety of my religious family tree was slaughtered, explaining why my belief in religious law was viewed as unusual by more assimilated relations converted by political frameworks away from their Jewish identities.

In the nineties when called to jury duty in New York City, I was excited by the opportunity until I studied the rules of evidence and judgement in American courts. I then phoned the jury supervisor to request contentious objector status- Jewish law finds jurisprudence to be a matter of fact-finding rather than subject to a majority opinion held by those unqualified to understand legal matters. In the republic of the USA, the population entrusts lawyers to determine legal matters in lieu of personal knowledge. I was graciously excused, with all due respects, having justified my minority views that a democratic vote by jurors was not an appropriate design for justice systems.

My religious view appears to be a minority claim now in the Incorporated State of Israel. Increasing debt through compounded interest is the only likely explanation for the refusal of the collection agency to negotiate with myself in the English language. I’m a non-resident citizen without an Israeli passport. A disabled female and senior citizen, I’m also unable to converse in the Hebrew language. My eligibility under the 1950 Law of Return was established by the Beis Din of America in 2014.

Violence has ruled my life here with two vehicular ramming attacks, stoning (loosening two teeth) and a sexual assault in the female dorm of a hostel. None were adequately documented by police despite emergency calls made on each occasion.

MK Smotritch, please have the Knesset summarily overturn this evil law. We should prevail over insurgency and occupation of the State by those never intended to become a majority population here. Now that Havana Syndrome is in the news, the pretense that harm has not occurred through the placement of weapons of destruction in the hands of the masses, is no longer necessary.

Absent your action in this matter, assistance for Jewish nationals will have to resume as if this was 1920 and anti-Jewish laws were just passed in the West. Expect boycotts of Israeli businesses because the average non-Jewish consumer won’t bother to determine whether a business is or is not observing Jewish law.

Your views must be reality-based. To fight the BDS movement, make sure businesses are properly monitored and worthy of international approbation.

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