An Epidemic Understood

December 5th, 2006

To the Editor,

‘Asthma’ refers to multiple types of lung reactions to particulate matter. Allergens account for some of the distress but the EPA clearly describes our indoor air quality as far more toxic than the outdoors, filled with formaldehyde, solvents, petrochemicals and pesticides, mostly superfluous to our needs. Synthetic fragrances, rich in toxic chemical constituents, are incorporated into most products today.

The lungs work to eject these particulates while biochemical defenses are depleted in the effort. Bronchodilators relieve constriction, but allow more of the offending matter to enter re-opened airways. The resulting inflammation is treated with steroids, in a never-ending cycle of distress.

The unknown? Upton Sinclair said: “It is difficult to get a man to understand something when his salary depends upon his not understanding it.” When industry is required to provide full disclosure of their product ingredients, the exposure correlations will be quite apparent. Caveat Emptor.

Barbara Rubin

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  1. sickofdeceit

    My son worked for a biolab here in CA. (2/3 of the biotech companies are here). After only 4 months as an assistant researcher with the lab he became ill. He has had 4 sinus surgeries, his immune system went down (not producing B-cells) and had to have IV immunoglobulin infusions every 28 days and continues to be sick. He is a “sick building” walking. It is all being covered up and has since the very beginning. He left the company after only being employed 10 months. He was told his position “was being terminated”, asked for a copy of his employee file not long after leaving the company (in a letter to the company attorney), and after 4 years he got it through a subpoena. In the file it says he was fired. IF he thought he was fired he could have filed a Wrongful Termination Suit… statute of limitations would not have run out. Co-workers were led to believe that he was some horrible threat and we wondered why no one would talk to him. It is a mess. I am SO against this ACOEM “paper”. He is a host to several of the microorganisms (mostly fungi) that were in the lab… altho they will only admit to 5 out of 10 (even though they list these microorganisms on patents with the scientist that my son worked with as “inventors”. It is pretty bad when my grand-daughter asks her Mother; “What was Daddy like before he got sick?”


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