TEACHING TEACHERS: The Master Class for Covenantal and Stem Cell Educators

May 24th, 2022

My start within this goal was online publishing via Lulu and Amazon Kindle. I wrote a novel about the hazards of “programming” children instead of educating youth in “The Escargot Series” on Amazon. Returning to the real world, my manual for college teachers to build an anxiety-free learning environment is found in a free, twelve page download(see link below).

My twenty-five year career in teaching included New York City charter schools for the developmentally disabled (birth to the teen years) and seven years as an instructor in several New York colleges and universities.

However, my history in education began thousands of years ago with the Biblical commandment, “Teach them (religious precepts) diligently to thy children… “. Present-day compulsory education in America is only a hundred years old throughout all the States. I’d have to believe the difference has a definite advantage!

In order to transmit the advantage to all educators, I’ve developed a ‘Master Class’ for teachers in order to help our valued professionals fulfill the contract they have with the public. Classrooms are filled with “inequities” wherein teachers are not prepared to view the vastly diverse backgrounds of the students for the most equitable manner of teaching. Teachers have contracts with all tax-payers, students and parents. School boards reflect dominant values in a school district, along with the governmental pressures of the day.

In order to meet the values behind the contract, the mode of education applicable under all circumstances is represented in my Covenantal and Stem Cell approaches to teaching. I’ve developed a four-hour class to elaborate upon the philosophy developed thousands of years ago and apply it to modern life. There is also a portion of the class, directed at administrators, devoted to making education more accessible and inexpensive.

The best institutions of secondary and higher education hope their faculty will turn out fully developed ‘self-learners’ with basic competencies in the subject matter taught. This is a rather limited expression of educational philosophy in an era of exhausted and jaded teachers! Faculty, in divisive times, tend to view students as an extension of the school grounds, or ‘part of the job’. Our campuses placing faith in human development first, need to believe students’ potentials must be fulfilled as future individuals, community members, parents, entrepreneurs and workers. This is what the parents of the students want, and what future employers expect of a degree, from a traditional school.

The sacrifices made in sending a child to college are heavy for most families. The schools are obligated to return each young adult to his or her family, without undermining the values of the community. These expectations require the development of ‘covenantal’ teachers.

Being a student does not guarantee an education nor is teacher excellence defined by the number of students obtaining good grades in their classes (hence, my objection to grading on curves). An educational covenant refers to the personal commitment between the teacher and the student, allowing for the transmission of both regional and generational goals. The results yield all the benefits of an educated mind while also conveying the responsibilities that lead to nation building. The student and parent must also sign an agreement to avoid behaviors that are antithetical to the covenant.

Recognizing that there isn’t such a thing as ’covenantal arithmetic’, skill sets are developed that serve as portable, or ‘Stem Cell’, assets. Stem cell skills produce graduates who are fast and flexible learners moving to occupations often unrelated to their college studies or places known in their formative years. The American success story is based upon the ‘stem-cell’ graduate who eventually rises from shipping clerk to vice-president of his firm.

Teaching methodology in the upper grades must also become more of a partnership in the learning process while eliminating unnecessary stress. Please read a free, twelve page booklet I published at Lulu dot com entitled, “The Fearless Classroom


I hope my project captures the imaginations of teachers. Education was industrialized for efficacy while the most pressing need is to further the development of the profession. Feel free to get in contact to arrange the talk with your group of educators. There are also recommendations for methods of making education more affordable and accessible.

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