An End to Childhood – The Lies of 9/11

April 21st, 2007

An article ( in the N.Y. Sun confirms the lies told regarding the air quality in NYC after the events of 9/11.  Below the introductory paragraph of that article are my comments to the paper on that subject: 

Court Backs EPA Chief in 9/11 Toxins Case 


Staff Reporter of the Sun April 20, 2007  

 A federal appellate court has decided that it was not “conscience-shocking” for the head of the Environmental Protection Agency to have reassured New Yorkers that the air near ground zero was safe following the September 11, 2001, terrorist attacks, even if the air was toxic. ===================================================

My comment submitted to that website (subject to their moderator approval) was entitled “An End to Childhood”. They didn’t publish it so it will appear here, on my own blog:

The fact that the ‘contemporary consciences’ of the justices were not shocked at the lies told in the cause of uninterrupted tourism, confirms what many have suspected for years.  Governmental lying has been institutionalized, if not precisely endorsed, as a policy.

Rescue workers would not have left the scene of that tragedy and common sense dictates that a fire of any magnitude is toxic.  However, restraint on the part of the EPA in offering its reassurances might have reduced delays in the acquisition and use of protective suits and respirators among the professionals.  The lies certainly caused residents and workers throughout the region to place themselves in harm’s way.  People returned to contaminated apartments, workers returned to offices to conduct business that might have been accomplished elsewhere and children attended school along routes travelled by convoys of trucks hauling hazardous waste away from the ruins on a daily basis.

Had the EPA said nothing beyond the truth – that testing was ongoing and people should assume fumes and vapors were potentially hazardous – the blame for the terrible aftereffects of that day would have rested squarely on the shoulders of the terrorists.  The lies made our government an accomplice after the fact, and certainly compounded by the problems victims experienced in proving the nature of their disabling injuries in later months/years for support/compensation.

New Yorkers have been added to the ranks of the Vietnam veterans denied the truth about their herbicide exposure (agent orange) and the Gulf War veterans who continue to be denied acknowledgment of the effects of their chemical exposures in that region of the world.   The aftermath of poisoning leads to a multi-systemic syndrome of chronic illness, as millions of people in this country have learned from acute and chronic exposures to indoor air contaminated by pesticides, petrochemicals and formaldehyde used in our construction materials, fuels and cleaning products.  Regulations no longer mandate clean air, food or water, but merely offer industries guidelines regarding how to avoid liability.  All they need to do is conduct studies designed to examine the most narrow aspects of chemical effects, thereby proving ‘nothing’ with regard to consumer safety. Instead, consumers are invited to prove the real hazards, making toxic torts a money-making game that attorneys everywhere can play. Wrongful death suits are even more profitable so there is no real rush to seek justice for those who are sickened.

What are we to believe when the FDA tells us that vaccines are safe and mercury fillings are nothing to be concerned about?  Should we take drugs until the black boxes magically appear on old labels as body counts rise?  Or merely ingest tranquilizers to avoid attributing symptoms of hazardous exposures to their real sources?

Perhaps we should thank the courts for informing us that only independent investigations serve the public interest.  It is time for toxicology to become a mainstream branch of medicine so that physicians learn what lies at the root of patient symptoms, both externally in their environments and internally within fat cells and bloodstreams.

Perhaps this ruling will truly make us intellectually free to be adults, rather than children who wait for reassuring fairy tales to be told to us at bedtime.

Barbara Rubin, Former NYC resident

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