The Human Genome was Not Designed with PCBs in Mind

March 14th, 2008

Re; Kansas City Star article, “Independence District Flees ‘Sick Building…‘ by Mike Sherry (3/14/08)

This article announces how a school was relocated so its building could be tested for an explanation of employee illnesses. Has anyone looked at student attendance records? I was poisoned in a school but have no notion of what, if any, effects there were for others. These are not mysteries. We have the technology for discovering what is around us and the ability to comprehend our physical intolerances for the follies of our fast food/quick construction society. The cost of health care today, and the huge demand for it, tells the tale.

My letter:

To the Editor,

Every public building requires toxicological testing. Not an impotent OSHA checking on carbon dioxide levels and merely cracking a window. A competent assessment examines mold for potential toxicity. It assays airborne volatile and semi-volatile compounds from fuels, cleaning solvents, construction materials, and furnishings.

I have tested a variety of residences and offices with shocking results. Mid to high levels of pesticides banned decades before that foundation was even dug; formaldehyde exceeding levels found in FEMA trailers; methylene chloride from chemicals stored in a garage below an apartment. Not unlike any other residence or office. I became disabled in a school I was supervising after applications of multiple pesticides.

The human genome was not designed with PCBs in mind. Many common synthetic chemicals are less than sixty years old. We cannot survive the onslaught, unscathed.

Test and build, or rehab carefully. Sometimes you don’t get a second chance.

I should know.

Barbara Rubin

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  1. Gail Shephard

    I read also the Kansas Article you refer to. The CDC had reported their findings in a study that had been done back in the1980’s.They estimated that as many as 30% of New Buildings were Sick. I can’t help but wonder, what that percentage might be now.

    It wasn’t until after I became sick, I then became aware of the term “Sick Building” The insults that my body took, over and over again, I would say, could be compared to that of a stroll, into a TOXIC FOG, and without the protection of a hazmat suit .

    The “sick building” I worked in, once I became aware it was “sick”, was protected by the Dept. of Health, Branch of the Liscensing and Certification of Hospitals. My co-worker and I had discovered a Huge Disgusting Area of MOLD that was hidden behind a cabinet in our small work room. The Restroom next to our work room, had had Many Toilet Leaks that spilled out onto the floor, and remained hours, and even sometimes until the next day, causing a Bio-Hazardous contamination that had soaked into the wall. Many of my co-workers, who used that particular hallway and restroom, have died! Coincedence?

    After I had become ill, and had lost most ALL of my muscle strength, and was unable to work, I was then told I had –Fibromyalgia? I then went looking for a cause to this “Fibro”.. and oh WOW..what-a-ya-know! Most people with Fibro, have MOLD exposure in their past. Well then, after reporting this MOLD, to the Health Dept.’s L&C Branch, that which had been cut out of the wall months earlier, the report I received back from them, was a complete and utter shock!

    After their “investigation” they went as far as to call it Green and Black Stuff around the Toilet… Green and Black Stuff???. Well I certainly learned how very dishonest the people are, who are put in charge to protect us, and are now, quite possibly responsible for the many illnesses and /or deaths that may stll occur.

    I did not become disabled, until after, we relocated to a “NEW” Sick Building though. While still working day to day, I actually I did not realize how very sick I was gradually becoming. My employer, an “HMO”, built on grounds, with a 70 year history of known contamination. With Chemicals such as, PCE/ TCE/ Arsenic, and which also happened to have had, a Nuclear Accident!!

    It took only 15 mos. of traveling back and forth between “Sick Buildings” as my job duties entailed, before my mind and body then, also became TOXIC. I pray for my co-workers and also for our next generation, and I fear if a change does not come in a quick fasion, their future looks grim.

  2. Barbara Rubin

    Thank you for sharing your experiences here. People fail to realize that what isn’t invested in decent construction and maintanence practicies, gets wasted ten fold in health and disability costs.

    Not to mention the suffering. What a waste.


  3. Chris

    Barbara, I really like this: “The Human Genome was Not Designed”… and how you included “DESIGNED”. We should have kept things here on earth in order… meaning the design of creation has everything in it for us to be able to do everything we need to… whether it is deal with pests, cleaning things, fertilizing, feeding animals, or anything… the DESIGNER had everything in mind when He put this place together. Lazy, money hungry, modern man has realized that synthesizing natural things will make him money and cater to his luxurious life, so in the process those of us who live in “reality” all live shorter, sicker lives in a haze of chemically induced numbness and melancholy… only a few rise above it and come to there senses. Clearly you have. Great work!


  4. agasaya

    Thanks for your comment. The first time I was in a store and saw a new Windex product made vinegar (they finally realized lots of folks don’t take to ammonia), I still recoiled from the formulation. Why pay extra for the extra added chemicals and coloring in that product? Why not just buy vinegar to dilute and spray, all on our own at half the price, with none of the chemicals?

    Human ingenuity is being wasted on recapitulating that which doesn’t require assistance. That hurts even more than the monetary costs.


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