“In Search of”… Genuine Republicans – Where is Leonard Nimoy when you need him?

March 10th, 2009

David Brooks, the New York Time’s professional conservative, finally told the party (poopers) of Lincoln that they are obstructing the process of economic recovery. My response:

Mr. Brooks,

It is only fitting, after criticizing an older commentary you published, that I congratulate you on this challenge to the finer minds within the Republican party. The following quote basically summarizes the problem:

“…after a decade of profligacy, the Republicans have decided to demand a rigid fiscal straitjacket at the one moment in the past 70 years when it is completely inappropriate.”

Those committed to the actual party ideals have suffered greatly throughout the many idealogical betrayals of the past decade. The trust of the voters can never be regained if the actual motivating forces behind this bizarre failure to respond to the current situation aren’t explained to the public. This may require your newspaper to review the financial backing of each candidate who presents as an obstructive force during the recovery process. Or, perhaps, IQ scores cited in old college transcripts.

Only then can voters determine whether they should support challengers to current congressional members via the primaries in the next mid-term election cycle. Bi-partisan cooperation requires more than members of the Democratic party observing Republicans drinking the Kool-Aid out of last year’s punch bowl.

— Barbara Rubin

My own postscript here has to be that the party needs to purge itself of “Rice Republicans” or those in it just to derive maximum personal financial gain through professing a devotion to ‘free markets’.  Nothing is for free.

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