Perverse Journalistic Myopia

March 22nd, 2009

I guess I’m not really through, after all, with David Brooks.

Re: NY Times OpEd, “Perverse Cosmic Myopia” by David Brooks

To the Editor,

Perhaps Brooks believes his glasses are for a condition of ‘far-sightedness’. If so, there has been a distinct over-correction into a profound myopia of his own.

Our current crisis is due to decades of myopia. I hope he talks to Kristof about the down-side of myopia when it comes to genocide. Personally, it seems to be a good idea to stop the killing first and worry about the implications later.

The AIG bonuses represent corporate myopia of the worst kind. Huge and unsustainable profits for the few have been the order of the day. Yes, they were only following orders. Wealthy lemmings who can employ others to run over the edges of cliffs. The poor and middle class as their stunt doubles. It is good for the public to learn of the contracts underlying these practices. The conservative press chooses to refer to them as nothing more than minor contractual obligations, even as tax dollars are conscripted to make good upon those deals.

Forgive us David, for wanting immediate alleviation of the intense suffering caused by unemployment, lack of health care and homelessness. Class wars have many fatalities but nowadays, cameras are permitted to show them. Film at eleven.

Barbara Rubin

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