Bush’s Stimulus Plan and Its Two Big Ifs

February 18th, 2003

To the Editor,

“Bush’s Stimulus Plan and Its Two Big Ifs” (2/18), describes the absence of political ideology as a foundation for administration policy. Rather than generating policy based upon belief in an enduring future, Republicans choose short term windfalls for their cronies (perhaps past and future employers?).

One expert mentioned the only hope for stimulus rested in new technology. However, that would curtail existing dinosaurs, currently reaping huge rewards the Texas way; undermine the economy for immediate profit and get out before the short falls are discovered on your watch.

This is done while mouthing pious platitudes which funnel taxpayer funds into the hands of churches. It appears voluntarism, which is supposed to replace government sponsored programs for the poor, elderly and disabled, does not trust the religious members of society to participate without government funded salaries and edifices. Since when is compassion a funded commodity? Since recipients of this largesse serve as a powerful voter block which can help maintain the status quo for another four years.

The opposition is losing because they are fighting this battle on these ideologially barren grounds. A deficit spending plan, removing sources of tax income, is not going to work whether the money goes to obsolete industries destroying the environment and the health of the country or into a cookie jar on a few million kitchen counters (which will be spent on a few prescriptions).

Opposition must battle on sound thinking, reserving hope for the day AFTER tomorrow. It will come whether we are ready for it or not.

Barbara Rubin
Long Island, NY

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