Germ Warfare

September 6th, 2003

To the Editor,

Kudos to Dr. Markel and the NY Times for putting America under a microscope to reveal we are are being poisoned by the chemicals designed to remove germs from our environment! The antimicrobials (registered pesticides) are a danger in themselves, not to mention the additives used as carrier materials.

Madison Avenue has been brain washing (as opposed to hand washing) the public and urging the MISUSE of air fresheners, disinfectants and ozone generating machines. Commercials showing mother and baby taking deep breaths of aerosol sprays covering up normal household odors endanger us all. Those sprays are toxic to the lungs and the labels tell us not to inhale vapors! The EPA has a website telling us what is in those air fresheners and to avoid them in favor of simple sanitation measures.

Cleanliness does not require advanced technology but the eradication and mutation of normal flora and fauna externally and internally will damage us all. Keep it simple – keep it clean.

Barbara Rubin

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