Human Life has Worth according to new government accounting

September 28th, 2003

To the Editor,

Whew! Wow! What a relief…the Office of Management and Budget just realized that human life has value in excess of the costs generated to protect it from industrial poisoning! And all by throwing in an additional ten years of historical review according to your article “Review of Environment Rules Finds Benefits Outweigh Costs” by J. Cushman Jr. 9/28/03.

If the OMB would throw in a few more millenia, they could see that lead poisoning helped to topple the Roman Empire. Inclusion of merely a few centuries would show the costs of arsenic ingestion. Just a few decades would have revealed what mercury has done for mankind when ingested or injected. Let’s stop hiring accountants for the OMB and put in a few historians!

I always thought the Constitution of the United States of America had summed it up without the need for accountants. When last I looked, my right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness were not followed by the rider, “…as long as the cost is not burdensome to industry and the war chests of campaigning politicians.” But perhaps someone slipped an amendment or two into the Bill of Rights when no one was looking? It has been known to happen…

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