The Space-Worthy Question (not actually sent to the editor of the New York Times)

October 30th, 2009

However, if I were in the mood to send an email to the NY Times about their declining standards for Op Ed columns, it would be this one:

To the Editor;

I wish to express my objection to your absence of supervision over your Op-Ed contributors. David Brooks’ latest column, “The Tenacity Question” cites unnamed, but prominent, military sources as approving the President’s manner of policy-setting. However, Brooks then tells us these ‘experts’ (of unstated party affiliation) worry that Obama’s character is such as to preclude his continuing in this apparently praise-worthy manner.

I don’t recall hearing Brooks publishing his concerns regarding the manner in which George Bush’s military decisions were reached via the active counsel of The Lord. It is doubtful that Brooks’ sources were sufficiently lofty to confirm Bush’s claims, but he nonetheless failed to warn us that Bush might not have the resolve to see His work through to the end.

The election is over. Perhaps you should request that your columnist take his non-newsworthy fears to Face-Book or Twitter. This would be preferable to using up valuable space on your pages, at least until the next campaign begins. Republicans can then re-introduce issues of character as their replacement for substantive policy R&D.

Barbara Rubin

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