Chemical Safety and Testing

October 12th, 2003

To the Editor,

The cessation of clinical trials once the green light was given to market this experimental breast cancer drug, highlights the basic dangers of our marketing system. Once an inadequately tested drug or chemical is marketed, all claims of damage will be ignored by the EPA and FDA as regulators fear becoming co-defendants for issuing marketing approvals. Any cases before the courts are either dismissed through claims that the damaged parties have failed to prove the substance is harmful or settled secretly for amounts that won’t even dent the profit margins of the manufacturer.

This is the continuing message to the consumer: You must conduct your own clinical trials of any product you use or suffer the consequences in silence. Profits are reaped as “we, the people” serve as unpaid experimental lab rats using pesticides, cleaning solvents, adulterated/irradiated foods, drugs etc. If we are to be regarded as unpaid research subjects of industry, then we need to form a ‘citizen’s union’. We must hire our own independent scientists to publish unbaised and complete findings on the true nature of our goods and services.

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