Contaminated Foods

October 16th, 2003

To the Editor,

Ms. Slater, who wrote a letter about the futility of leaving the meat industry to police itself with regard to contamination (10/16), is certainly correct. This “fox guarding the henhouse” protocol is certainly illogical and rife with conflicts of interest now known to be typical of the current administration.

However, if I may inject a note of cynicism here, it is unlikely that the food industry wishes to succeed in holding the line against contamination. They wish the public to be sufficiently frightened of food- bourne illness to reject our other legitimate concerns about consuming irradiated meat. Industry does not wish to “clean up its act” in the literal sense, but to sell us their quick and profitable fix. The problem highlights industry’s refusal to exercise restraint on production so it does not exceed their abilities to maintain sanitation. There are limits on anyone’s ability to produce and it is time we stopped paying for industry’s determination to exceed that limit at the cost of our health.

Barbara Rubin

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