Costs of Health Care Insurance

October 22nd, 2003

To the Editor,

So called “health care economists” called generous health care policies a “…perverse incentive to indulge in wasteful consumption of expensive drugs and diagnostic tests.” Wasteful to whom? Perhaps industry should be reminded of all the worker’s compensation cases arising from unsafe working conditions leading to employee illness.

The Social Security Administration tells us three out of every ten workers will become disabled prior to reaching retirement age. The census bureau tells us one in five adults between 16 and 65 have a chronic ailment or disability. This does not account for huge numbers of disabled children.

We are an ill society and until someone addresses the outrageous health problems of our nation, cutting access to health care via “cost sharing” is simply relegating workers to the status of serfs. Perhaps corporate polluters and vendors of unsafe products should pay a tax which underwrites some of the insurance industry’s shortfalls, just as states helped themselves to big tobacco profits to shore up medicaid costs incurred from smoking related ailments.

Barbara Rubin

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