Citizens as Acceptable Risks

November 6th, 2003

To the Editor,

Your 11/6/03 articles (above) are two sides of the same coin. Television and even your news coverage of chronically ill entrepreneurs and artists like Mr. Margolis (Crohn’s disease) and author Laura Hillenbrand (CFIDS), romanticize the bravery of people laboring under severe hardships accompanying an inability to be self sufficient. Yet the government repeatedly relegates a significant portion of its population to the decidedly unromantic daily agonies of unnecessary pain, poverty, isolation and premature death due to preventable ailments caused by pollution.

The SSA tells us three out of ten workers will be unable to support themselves, leaving the taxpayer to pick up the tab for our lives and medical care. Many more remain burdens in the work force as they suffer from chronic illnesses limiting productivity and driving up rates of health insurance for their employers. Then our deficit spending government mulls over cuts in the medicaid and medicare benefits provided to those who are sacrifices (pardon me, “acceptable risks”) to industrial interests.

Our meager lives of dependency and suffering are a clear violation of the Bill of Rights which states all are entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. All three of those are difficult when one is tied to a portable oxygen tank.

Barbara Rubin

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