Polls of Straw

November 20th, 2003

To the Editor,

This article was much more revealing about the media than it was about negotiations over the medicare bill! Here we see professional pollsters revealing that the majority of polls we likely read about are skewed because they present the parties being surveyed with questions on topics about which they know NOTHING!

Thanks to the information provided to your reporter from the Peter D. Hart Research Associates, we learned that the polling results changed enormously when respondents were actually offered the details of the plan they were called upon to judge.

“The respondents’ initial reaction to the plan was positive, but it turned negative when details were explained…”, Ms. Dewar writes.

Well, why have we been wasting our time reading about uninformed opinions all this time! Perhaps if this became protocol for taking polls, we might actually have a real government that abides by opinions held by the people instead of those given to them in these polls of straw.

Barbara Rubin

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