A Smorgasboard of Suicide Economics

November 23rd, 2003

To the Editor,

On July 17, 2003, you printed a letter I wrote which concluded that “The Bush administration is making a purposeful effort to bankrupt the government so as to eliminate entitlement programs or shift them …” to other providers.

Your 11/22/03 edition was a smorgasboard of articles showing how close we are coming to this goal. This administration is functioning like an Enron-rerun, funnelling tax revenues into the coffers of industry leaders while spending our pension monies (Social Security surplus).

The Medicare bill plants the seeds of its own fiscal self-destruction. In using up the surplus, alternative government revenue will be needed and counted towards the ceiling for this funding stream already set in this fiscal time bomb. Then promised cuts will eradicate more than drug coverage!

Worst of all, the public is being misinformed because the “sound bytes” of a political campaign can easily claim we have drug coverage. It is harder to explain how private insurance companies will have a large share of the “largesse” granted in this bill. Yet, a recent Times article found polls providing the facts behind the issues get different results than when polling on feelings about buzz words.

Truth takes time to tell and patience to hear. The American public had better be patient in the coming campaign because the “sound bytes” coming from the incumbent will all fit very nicely on a head stone; the epitaph of all the social programs we bury on their watch.

Barbara Rubin

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