The Real Architects of Prosperity

November 30th, 2003

To the Editor,

These two articles reveal the real architects of any increase in corporate profit margins – the average worker who increases productivity to make up for an ever-shrinking workforce. I don’t recall any of my jobs as a speech pathologist and supervisor occupying less that 55 to 60 hours per week of my time in order to make the narrow profit margins of special education service provision work for my employers. I was then poisoned on the job at the age of 45, when toxic pesticides were used without my knowledge/consent, leaving me ill and brain damaged.

My existence is now underwritten by taxpayers and not the increasingly tax-exempted industries that caused my disability through lack of regulation and enforcement. My position was most likely filled by adding to the workload of a number of existing workers rather than hiring a new worker. Overtime for middle management is never reimbursed. Disabled workers exiting the workforce also save businesses money with the loss of non-vested portions of pension funds in their accounts. Employers are also saved liability and legal fees which are all shoulderd by the State Insurance Fund’s aggregate collection of minimal fees from all employers under worker’s compensation laws..

The economy is showing an upswing from efforts made by a newly created class of well dressed serfs. Promoted staff rarely receive rewards other than a longer work week and hopes of retaining one’s existing salary and benefits package. Movement between jobs is often lateral, again sought for increased security or better health care plans which will never be assured with so many waiting in the wings to fill vacant positions more cheaply.

Plenty more where we came from.

Barbara Rubin

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