The Right Conclusion for the Wrong Reasons: WTO and Farm Subsidies

December 7th, 2003

To the Editor,

Your editorial, The Case Against King Cotton (12/6/03), opines that enormous U.S. farm subsidies create an insurmountable barrier to foreign economies. However, it has long been an unconscionable burden for U.S. residents who pay twice for our cotton – once, in the stores for the actual product and again in misdirected tax dollars which rewards agribusiness for making illogical choices in expensive, patented seed technology, overproduction and unsustainable practices which rely upon heavily upon chemicals and reluctantly upon workers.

Your selection of the WTO as the solution to this problem is highly debatable, (“…what the developing world needs is not a weaker trade referee, but a stronger one capable of standing up to rich nations.”) This maladaptive reliance upon an international cop which owes allegiance only to its shadow multinational corporate leaders, again leaves U.S. residents helpless before agribusiness and their governmental errand boys. The principles of capitalism and the atrocity of misusing tax payer dollars, should be sufficient reasons for citizens to end this reign of terror by an unsustainable industry too powerful to be challenged by our elected officials. We should not have to appeal to a body (WTO) which further removes people from a say in their governments while answering to none.

Barbara Rubin

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