Putting God Back in Politics

December 28th, 2003

To the Editor,

The Almighty is not running for elected office. Would someone please explain to me why every politician wishes to act as His campaign manager and collect contributions to His Action Committee? If the current wave of “compassionate conservatism” has somehow received Divine approval, I want to file a FOIA request in order to see the minutes of that meeting. It is probably somewhere in Cheney’s office alongside the transcripts of the caucus which produced our energy policies. This is the “religious wellspring” that successfully removed a chicken from every pot in order to put a new Mercedes in every executive’s garage,

Morality exists without recourse to citing individualized interpretations of His Will. Ethical precepts are well represented in the living Constitution of the United States of America – which demands the separation of church and state. The power of the individual to act for good, whether divinely inspired or inherent in our collective consciousness, should not require analysis of motivations based upon our having communed with a Higher Power.

Politicians are supposed to speak for the people they want to represent, not the Maker of people. Lets start hearing some talk about my neighborhood’s problems instead of the Kingdom of Heaven. We will all be there soon enough…well, maybe not the politicians.

Barbara Rubin

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