A Long List of New Challenges for Law-Abiding Citizens in 2004

January 1st, 2004

To the Editor,

A new year starts in our great nation,
With local change in legislation.

Not much in common among our states,
But what diversity this creates.

In several states, if you are old
New laws provide a protective fold.

Pennsylvania wants you alive,
Here’s drugs you may need to survive.

Florida will check your vision,
In hopes of preventing that next collision.

Foolish youth is overridden,
With some excesses, now forbidden.

No self-serve cigs in some locations.
No tattoo artists conducting operations.

In Delaware, they’ll take up arms,
For unannounced tests of fire alarms.

And donors of sperm will save on toys,
No longer entitled to parental joys.

But when will states cease to ignore,
Those federal actions we so deplore.

Those central players who relish pollution.
An EPA without solution.

Big government that now exists,
To subsidize the already rich.

An end to liberty’s protection,
An absence of thought and introspection.

Return to us the days of old,
A constitution brave and bold.

Protect the weak and all are strong.
Restore what’s right, betray the wrong.

Take up the cudgels far and wide.
Put back what Bush has set aside.

Our local laws must now engage,
To circumvent each new outrage.

So much disguised as piety,
The downfall of society.

A people lost and most bereft,
By ceaseless greed and frank neglect.

Ten months left to leap that breach.
Ten months left to rise and teach.

The only way across that moat,
Rests in YOUR hands with your one vote.

–Barbara Rubin

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