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Boycott and Divest of Israeli Businesses not following Jewish Law

February 9th, 2022, No Comments

My name is Barbara Roslyn Rubin and my blog at describes major events in the life of the Jewish granddaughter of survivors of Lenin’s influence in Eastern Europe. The religious portion of my ancestry, who numbered in the dozens, were slaughtered during WWI in Russian Poland. The next generation followed basic traditions in the […]

The State versus the Nation/Kingdom

December 24th, 2021, No Comments

I’m a citizen of the (former Republic) USA and used the Law of Return back in 2014 to be able to enter/exit the official borders of Israel without limits. The Law of Return offered myself not a passport but an identity number. The identity papers stated my nationality was Israel. I later learned these papers […]

Dear Justice Kavanaugh – Impact and Intent

December 8th, 2021, No Comments

Dear Justice Kavanaugh, Thank you for your public remarks with reference to a number of landmark cases. I’m an avid proponent of legal analysis that takes place on multiple levels. Original intent must be discussed alongside of the potential, modern uses of a law to determine desirable expansions or limits upon these mandates. It’s best […]


December 4th, 2021, No Comments

In the annals of litigation history, many stories have attached themselves to judicial forms of responsibility under Mr. Mason’s Bill of Rights (1) in the United States. Unfortunately, some have become themes of comedy routines due to the short attention span of most listeners/readers of news bytes. How is it that when followers of the […]

THE FEARLESS BIOLOGY TEACHER – Evolution Together With Creationism in the Classroom

January 6th, 2020, No Comments

For those unfamiliar with my background as a teacher, I wrote an article entitled, “A Fearless Classroom” over at Lulu dot com. The twelve page download for college and university teachers is free and details how to create an anxiety-free environment for learning in higher education. While I believe our higher education system operates in […]

‘Never’, Still Happens

February 7th, 2019, No Comments

‘Never again’. That was the cry of nations in the wake of the discovery of the concentration camps. From Dachau (1933) to Majdanek/Lublin, (fully operational by 1943), these novel compounds were the newest development in prison efficiency, as long as your industry was named, ‘Death’. The courts at Nuremberg and the Hague; the United Nations […]

Conflicts Within

January 24th, 2019, No Comments

United States Law is being challenged by the very persons paid Federal wages. We first saw criminal law enforcement at a State level, (Maryland), flouted in the Kavenaugh ‘job interview’, before the Senate judiciary committee. The lessons of the approval process for our newest Supreme Court justice will last for many years. Criminal charges are […]

Dear Senate Judiciary Committee,

October 1st, 2018, No Comments

Dear Judiciary Committee, The first Monday of October seems an appropriate day to pose these questions. While admittedly naive in the ways of senate deliberations, my belief in the activities of the Judiciary Committee was that you ensure the means by which our constitutional republic is maintained. I must request you review your own activities […]

A Plea Regarding Plea Bargains

September 14th, 2018, No Comments

Under fascist regimes, arrest rarely meant a trial was forthcoming. In Stalin’s ‘conveyor belt’ of judicial process, the arrestee was told the charge and asked whether he wanted to plead guilty before or after weeks of torture. Then the death sentence was carried out once the signature was applied to the confession. Our system of […]

Aren’t There Female Engineers in the House?

September 5th, 2018, No Comments

I head for the best climates of each season and spent this summer visiting several cities in the U.S.A. , not previously on my travel agenda. The males may not want to read further but should be informed that their input how women’s rest rooms are built is inadequate. Alright, it’s an abject failure! A […]

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