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Dignity At Work

July 6th, 2014, No Comments

Among the more valuable perks of having a good education is the ability to pick and choose the kind of work you’d like to do while making your way through life.  My work experiences began at twelve, babysitting for the child of a divorcee for fifteen hours per week after school.   In later years, a Master of Arts […]

In Corporations We Trust… along with other abused metaphors and idioms

August 23rd, 2009, No Comments

Even the most enthusiastic of capitalists knows the truth behind the Latin phrase, “Caveat Emptor’ or “Buyer Beware.” Street-smart people have always touted the wisdom of carefully evaluating the quality of the products you acquire in sale or trade. One of our older American-English idioms warns us against buying something sight unseen: a pig in […]

U.S. Opposes EU Effort to Test Chemicals for Health Hazards

September 10th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, This story should have been called, “Industry Fiddles while the GNP Burns”. The rates of disability in America are soaring with the census bureau noting 20 percent of adults between 16 and 64 suffer chronic illness. The SSA tells us three in ten workers will be disabled prior to retirement. Add to […]

Poisons Aren’t Toxic to Everyone Equally

January 26th, 2003, No Comments

To the Editor, Kudos for revealing the diversity of our genetic heritage (“Poisons Aren’t Toxic to Everyone Equally” by Sharon Begley). Yes, some of these genes allow us to more efficiently guard against the most overtly measurable damage caused by pollutants. However, these bio-defenses, e.g. the enzyme paroxonase, necessary to the detoxification of many pesticides, […]

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