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Lies of Omission Take Many Lives

April 8th, 2004, Comments Off on Lies of Omission Take Many Lives

To the Editor, The refusal to notify citizens about environmental contaminants and toxic ingredients in consumer goods is a crime against the Bill of Rights. I have found the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness quite difficult while lugging a portable oxygen tank and functioning with a reduced IQ level from absorption of neurotoxic pesticides […]

D.C. Residents Pepper Officials On Water Woes

April 4th, 2004, Comments Off on D.C. Residents Pepper Officials On Water Woes

To the Editor, Questioning the cost-effectiveness of removing arsenic, mercury, lead and sulphur from our air and water is an automatic failure by our government to protect our greatest natural resources – the health and intellects of American citizens. Both are incontrovertibly damaged by pollutants and especially neurotoxic chemicals. I ought to know being chronically […]

The Bush “Begats”

March 27th, 2004, Comments Off on The Bush “Begats”

To the Editor, An administration should not just be judged by its employees but also through those individuals who leave in protest of its policies. This administration has provoked a series of high level retirements and resignations of Biblical proportions. The list rivals the litany of “begats” , raising the question of why persons of […]

What the Public Wants to Hear…

March 25th, 2004, Comments Off on What the Public Wants to Hear…

To the Editor, The final paragraph is most telling in terms of what the public needs to know about this White House. Critics like Clarke offer testimony as to factual occurrences while the White House hires image consultants like Rogich who understand the public’s needs, i.e., “I don’t think the American people believe that a […]

Cabbages and Kings; Texans and Tuna

March 20th, 2004, No Comments

To the Editor, Yes, it is time to talk of many things, as Lewis Carroll wrote, because it appears that pigs do indeed have wings. They are flying about the U.S. capital where pregnant women and children are drinking unacceptable levels of lead in water under the eye of informed regulators. Pigs are nesting in […]

“You’re Fired”

March 19th, 2004, No Comments

To the Editor, Your latest editorial echoes the learned helplessness of the American voter, discussed in Reid’s article about the public’s feeling of distance from government. You wrote, “How much to trust the administration in future legislative battles will be up to lawmakers.” Not quite. Executive branch contempt for Congress is nothing less than contempt […]

Our ‘Best Minds’

March 17th, 2004, No Comments

To the Editor, Evidently, our regulatory agencies have known for two years that dangerous levels of lead were being ingested by D.C. residents from a contaminated water supply. Your article cites that EPA official, Mr. Capacasa, explained, “…the best minds were trying to make the best decisions at the time.”. Evidently, while the “best minds” […]

And to the Republic, for which it Stands…

March 14th, 2004, No Comments

To the Editor, It is certainly a shock when stories like these repeatedly remind us that our country is not a democracy where the will of the people is carried out by our elected leadership. We have instead substituted the older ideal of a Republic, a form of government in which the elected leadership discounts […]

Wrong Title, Inaccurate Conclusions

March 10th, 2004, No Comments

To the Editor, Your title for this article indicates you missed the boat on the strong differences between fund raising goals of the Democrats which appear, on surface, to mimic Republican strategies. Bush’s contributors have every expectation that their contributions will be returned ten-fold in cash with – government contracts awarded without competitive bidding (hey, […]

Entitlement of Silence

March 4th, 2004, No Comments

To the Editor, Information dissemination within the current administration is performed by two classes of authors. Firstly, are the biostitutes, who create confusion regarding basic scientific facts, reassuring us that arsenic, mercury and lead are really benign substances. The second, larger group comprising our Orwellian ministry of information, are those fiction writers I call ‘histwhorians’. […]

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