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The Health Care Debate in the Times or “Live from New York – It’s Saturday Night!”

December 20th, 2009, No Comments

How does one debate the subject of life and death? Really, what are we pretending is happening here? Either access to medical care is a basic right of citizens in a civilized society or it’s a privilege restricted to middle and upper income level consumers (until such time as it’s withdrawn by those conferring the […]

Veterans Day – Let’s Add the WTC Workers to Those Being Recognized

November 21st, 2009, No Comments

This suggestion is the result of an article which recently came to my attention, appearing in a UK newspaper instead of one of our own publications. The Word Trade Center (WTC) workers are certainly veterans of the war declared upon the US by terrorists. Therefore it is logical that they receive similar attentions on this […]

The Space-Worthy Question (not actually sent to the editor of the New York Times)

October 30th, 2009, No Comments

However, if I were in the mood to send an email to the NY Times about their declining standards for Op Ed columns, it would be this one: To the Editor; I wish to express my objection to your absence of supervision over your Op-Ed contributors. David Brooks’ latest column, “The Tenacity Question” cites unnamed, […]

Remiss about Violence

October 11th, 2009, No Comments

Several recent articles and a blog have served as powerful reminders that governments cannot be discussed without reference to issues of male dominance and violence. These issues overshadow economic, political and cultural factors often cited as the reason why the intolerable should be accepted. Oppression can never be relegated to the level of a mere […]

That’s Show-Biz! President Obama, Health Care and the Media

September 16th, 2009, No Comments

Last Sunday’s Op-Ed column by the usually engaging Frank Rich was typical of the disturbing transition of journalism into just another form of theater. Entitled Obama’s Squandered Summer (NYTimes, 9/12/09), it completely misses the lessons our learned President has been trying to teach his constituency during these past months. Call it Civics 101, in which […]

Dress Codes for Women say more about Male Fears than Feminine Modesty

September 11th, 2009, No Comments

There has been very limited coverage of the prosecution of women for non-compliance with dress codes for Muslim women. A recent New York Times Article, “Sudan Fines Woman Who Wore Pants” by Jeffrey Gettleman and Waleed Arafat (9/7/09) breaks that silence. The woman, Mrs. Lubna Hussein, was found guilty but spared flogging. She has refused […]

Chlordane, of course

September 1st, 2009, No Comments

The Stamford Advocate recently reported the discovery of elevated levels of pesticides in wells for a few homes, demonstrating how persistent these chemicals are environmentally. (“Stamford health tests find pesticides in wells near Scofieldtown Park” by Magdelene Perez.). The problem is by no means localized although contaminated residences are infrequently identified, revealing the hit and […]

The Health Care Divide – The Republic versus A Democracy; Which Will We Choose?

August 30th, 2009, No Comments

The Senate appears to be considering the ramifications of pretending we live in a democracy instead of a republic. Tired of the health care battle, in which there will assuredly be no survivors of that old, ‘wheel and deal’ process, there may actually be an old-fashioned vote in which the majority rules. Fancy that. The […]

In Corporations We Trust – NOT ; More discussion with the WSJ

August 29th, 2009, No Comments

The author of the story about the Scotts company entering the ‘naturals’ market replied to my letter to her editor most generously (see my last blog entry). She discussed her understanding of the issues I had raised and I have no doubt that she grasps many of the issues involved. However, not being a particularly […]

In Corporations We Trust… along with other abused metaphors and idioms

August 23rd, 2009, No Comments

Even the most enthusiastic of capitalists knows the truth behind the Latin phrase, “Caveat Emptor’ or “Buyer Beware.” Street-smart people have always touted the wisdom of carefully evaluating the quality of the products you acquire in sale or trade. One of our older American-English idioms warns us against buying something sight unseen: a pig in […]

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