Political Fever in Greece

November 6th, 2012

I’m down with a fever and other maladies from an excess of enthusiasm by private demonstrators using spray cans holding materials you’d rather not inquire into very closely. In the mean time, I’ve been listening to the other forms of fever in this ancestral home of republics.

The predictions and endorsements are all in, favoring Obama for president. People in Europe like to ask Americans ‘Who will win?’. Some of the countries I’ve visited appeared to favor Romney while others speak incessantly of Obama. His education is impeccable for a US president, along with an obvious committment to the welfare of American people situated around the globe. This speaks well for a president facing his ‘lame duck’ years. Everyone knows that the hardest work is tackled during the years in which re-election is a non-issue. This is the time when distractions must be minimized and the toughest matters addressed. I’m looking forward to see what he can attain in the political sphere while Romney and company try to stimulate the business sphere. “Viva la differance” in a democracy where government is supposed to be an observer, rather than participant, in business operations. These days I’m more of an observer than participant in such matters so I’m interested in seeing what the American people decide this week.

Im the meantime, I’m shocked by the amount of attention paid to politics in Europe as opposed to the USA. Silence reigns largely in my home territory while the chatter never stops over here. “Obama” is on everyone’s lips although I’ve heard some voices in official circles refer to him as “Othello”. Here, it is extremely puzzling to hear children uttering phrases with political content. You start to wonder who they’re channeling. In fact, the noise generated around politics requires one to put on headphones and try to create a ‘cone of silence’ while sitting at the neighborhood dairy restaurant over an ice cream sundae. Some are open 24 hours. Too bad I’m lactose intolerant! Well, there’s always chocolate.

As I try to re-create the stolen portions of my manuscript (basically all of it!), I’m hoping a friend or two who’ve received the initial drafts will find them in their email archives and resend them to me. They can be sent to this blog as well in the comments section!

From an internet cafe in Athens during the metro strike,


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