On The Case…

June 23rd, 2016

…of my missing suitcase. I’m sitting at the Fiumicino Airport like a Golem, with no suitcase due to the bizarre games people play with cellphones and MP3 players.

Following the favorable weather for my health and my pocketbook, I’m presently in Italy.
Taking a bus from Roma Center to the airport for lodgings, my youthful companions on the Schiaffini airport bus were playing a game I’ve already written about in prior posts about ‘smell-o-phones’. Rather dazed from the latest garbage in use by empty-headed teens, I exited the bus and forgot my suitcase stored beneath. Realizing the error after several minutes of fresh air had blown the cobwebs from my brain, I returned to the bus stop and found no evidence that it had been turned into their office by a company employee.

Definitely an unfavorable sign, I went to file a police report. Feeling silly about reporting the phone spray as I had in a past situation when a spray had induced a state allowing the theft of my cellphone, closely held to my body in an airport pouch. The report has been filed and I await word of the company’s search process here at the airport..

While the kids may have been indulging in play that would be forbidden in a perfume store where law suits by allergic and asthmatic individuals were successful, this trend is truly a hazard. Encouraged by this frequently encountered game, gangs of thieves in England are introducing anesthetic gasses into homes and caravans, robbing the inhabitants as they lie unconscious. This is happening with increasing frequency as reported here, in this British newspaper:


This renders the stupid play of mindless adolescents something of a screen for the real thieves out there.

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