Modernizing the Hitler Youth

August 7th, 2016

This blog has a long history of detailing incidents of chemical poisoning by both accident and intent. Following the Environmental Protection Agency’s request that I litigate my own chemical injuries due to negligence, my medical and legal files showed ongoing harassment resulting from that action. A settlement offer was never made and my lawyer left the still-open case under a NYC courthouse. The unfortunately inadequate legal precedents regarding the use of chemicals to injure and harass are likely responsible for their increasing usage around the globe.

The Times of Israel has a chilling report of how Jewish children are being driven from Belgian elementary schools with Nazi rhetoric. In the above noted article, local children pressed cans of deodorant against the back of a Jewish boy, causing actual burns to his skin. Damage to his lungs was not detailed but we all know that aerosols are regarded as too toxic to allow on board airplanes. Must we now worry about whether boys are mature enough to handle cans of deodorant and girls, their perfume atomizers?

Belgium, host to NATO and the European Parliament, is also home to frequent incidents of anti-Semitism. I wear my Star of David when in Europe just as many Europeans wear crosses. The fact that I travel with Jewish books makes my identity open knowledge, so I may as well wear my own standard for life. Additionally, the pendant helps when making reports of problems illustrative of anti-Semitism, because my reports may then state the perpetrator(s) likely knew I was Jewish. That includes a Brussels police officer referring to the ‘Yid’ who called at midnight after a hostel manager objected to having a ‘Juden’ sit up overnight in his 24 hour lobby. Insomnia had required I leave my room to work where a light would not disturb my roommates. The manager merely wanted to sleep on the couch against his employer’s rules and I was in his way.

The article above is indicative of an even more serious problem. Children preying upon children demonstrates the failure to transmit values of tolerance from parent to child and points to an absence of adequate supervision in public schools. Is it any surprise that private school alumni are sought by employers as having a better quality of education than their peers?

Like many Jews, I’ve resorted to reading about defensive measures needed to survive the travel required by my health and budgetary limitations. Personal observations made in Central Europe and Scandanavia affirm the come-back in obvious disdain of Jews. The easily obtainable chemicals cited in the news report ought to be termed a modern method for conducting ‘pogroms’ upon the dispersed Children of Israel. Law enforcement professionals must learn new ways to document and prosecute those attacking others with toxic agents.

It’s so cheap and easy, even a child can do it.

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