‘Never’, Still Happens

February 7th, 2019

‘Never again’. That was the cry of nations in the wake of the discovery of the concentration camps. From Dachau (1933) to Majdanek/Lublin, (fully operational by 1943), these novel compounds were the newest development in prison efficiency, as long as your industry was named, ‘Death’. The courts at Nuremberg and the Hague; the United Nations Security Council and peace-keeping forces; these were dedicated to ending carnage that wasn’t merely ‘warfare’ between entities. Fascism is largely devoted to the genocide of the ‘other within’, creating any divide amongst the populace of a state that didn’t naturally exist from the onset.

‘Never again’, was also the short-term state of shock that caught up with the world in 1945. It was closely followed by the realisation that food and jobs were the stock and trade of fascists. Lenin had starved ten million Russians by his take-over of agricultural lands. Stalin is ‘credited’ with the improbable number of twenty million deaths throughout his range of influence, attributable to WW II combat losses and the subjugation of Ukrainian and Eastern European residents. With the world in denial regarding the threat of communists who voluntarily surrender themselves to fascists, Mao starved 45 million Chinese. After that imitation of Lenin’s movement of ‘his’ population to urban environs, there could be no surprise when Pol Pot enslaved all of Cambodia. The Vietnam war led us to drop any pretence that a Geneva Convention existed for prisoners of war – either cold or hot in nature. Senator John McCain enlightened us after choosing to remain with his men, despite the early release offered him by dint of his family’s position in America.

Most of my family died under Lenin’s influence, with identity papers that said, ‘Jew’, instead of ‘Russian’. The remnants of those survivors fought for the ideology of freedom in the American military while a third of our population was being incinerated in Europe. Our ‘stake’ in the evolution of a world without tyranny is evident in our return from exile to Israel after two millennia. A family history of scholars, soldiers, professionals and loving parents saw that I was taught by the fragility of freedom even with the novelty of U.S. constitutional law.

The allure of the United States lies in two interesting legal phenomena. There was a gap of 15 years between the Declaration of Independence and ratification of a Constitution without bloodshed over the understanding that the former colonials were now free. Debate demonstrated how freedom of speech inevitably leads to optimal outcomes, while talk couched in slander resulted in senseless loss, i.e. the Burr-Hamilton duel. In the spirit of Ancient Greece, the first amendment of the Bill of Rights placed the individual and like-minded persons above the mindless implementation of legalistic wrangling. This was expressed by refusing legislators any and all rights to abridge freedom of religion and verbal expression. Access was granted to present grievances without fear of retaliation because equality of potential outweighed the inequality of each individual’s beginnings in this young land.

At the same time, feudalism in the greater portion of our world transformed it’s increasingly educated population into communists, bent upon pleading their case to warlords (now called fascists). The pleas concerned the ‘rights’ of serf-citizens to retain an adequate amount of the food and essential goods produced. Further, any excess of gifted intellect or strength would meld into insignificance to evade being granted a pair of army boots to occupy the time of young men able to conceptualise ‘freedom’ from tyranny. Those booted serf-citizens possessed a cognitive dissonance, safer than risking being named a ‘dissident’. That led the warlords to encourage the pouring out of their restless resentments into the torture, rape, robbery and murder of minority groups within these closely held lands. Jews were a favourite target in every society.

I estimate the last hundred years of communism has taken half the lives of the ‘Children of Israel’ in all lands. The world has one more chance to make this atrocity right. China has openly acknowledged that large numbers of their people are their guests in re-education camps where both psychological and physical torture is practiced. The goal is ostensibly to indoctrinate the principles of communist servitude and remove the last vestiges of individualism protected by our first amendment. The ‘concentrated’ efforts of those running these camps is said to be directed towards erasing religious ideologies that supplant obedience to a state. Primarily concerned with Christians and Moslems, the resurrection of this form of hell on earth, i.e. Holocaust technology, will inevitably spread far and wide to all nations. A resurgence of interest in Buddhism will certainly be checked by this move, apparently proceeding without protest by a widespread Chinese population in Western countries.

When will we see the international outcry that led to demonstrations outside of Soviet missions? When the Sakharovs and Sharanskys were alternately imprisoned in Russian camps and subjected to ‘internal exile’, college students chained themselves to embassy gates. Where is the demand for human rights monitors, now that camps have returned to the international scene with the unapologetic presumption that the world will make no protest. With the huge numbers of Christians and Moslems in the world today, where are the murmurs of discontent? Judaism is not among the five faiths recognised by the State, but we have always been at risk when communism went unchecked by world leaders under appeasement policies. Policies of isolationism have also led to insurgencies secretly denied by officials in charge. A well known method of installing the secret police preceding communist take-overs.

The issue may be that communism is more widespread than formerly believed. I personally know that the recruiting of members is ongoing, having been approached twice to join the party in airports outside of the United States. For a rarely discussed subject, party recruiters were not reticent about wanting the reasons for my refusal to join. I gave those reasons without hesitation in Istanbul and London. Perhaps, with this disclosure, we might open the dialogue to learn of the present-day forms of party membership and claims upon international coffers. The election of self-professed democratic socialists – who made deals with Communist countries in WWII – upsets the legal foundation of United States constitutional law. This also presents us with a new reason why ‘taking a knee’ at a football game provokes more outrage than the unveiling of concentration camps within the worlds’ largest trading partner of modern nations.

The recent cessation of torture at Guantanamo Bay should logically lead to investigations by qualified citizens groups, that our ‘privatized’ prisons in America are similarly freed of torture. A statement against the physical and psychological abuse of humans must be made through action, not merely verbal condemnations. However, the latter is still a start.

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