Barred from the Bar? Debtor’s Prison inmates Unite!

March 10th, 2022

The post tonight is about the fact I’ve been denied legal representation in all matters over the past thirty years. Here in Israel, the goal of debt collection appears to be imprisonment, the collection agency still refusing to speak (in English) with myself directly to make a payment schedule and allow myself to obtain medical care in the States. Im not a legal resident of Israel nor do I have a passport here.

A month was just wasted with an offer of help from a lawyer.(pro-Bono), to mediate the growth of a bank charge of $600 into life imprisonment inside the Incorporated State of Israel. The offer was obviously a distraction while interest is likely climbing. I have no evidence the “settlement” offer was legitimate and the demand for cash-only was highly suspect when the bill required at least partial payment with my credit card. My credit card is regularly paid, making myself the client of banks instead of a debtor to banks.

I guess Israel prefers debtors’ prisons where only a wealthy person in good standing with a political party might afford high legal fees.

In the meantime, I’ve written a number of world-wide governmental agencies with a “grass-roots” version of Havana Syndrome phenomenae. These high tech experimental methods of harm require stationary targets like myself at present, and the poverty of a senior citizen with a social security income.

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Barbara Rubin

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