April 19th, 2022

I have sent the past six months creating a master class for teachers in order to resolve a serious quandary suffered by school personnel. My work product, a notebook filled with my new curriculum content, was stolen from my luggage last week in Tel Aviv. The police report number is 192931/2022. I was drugged asleep during the day and robbed. The loss is devastating but I’m ready to prepare an even better lecture-discussion than before this terror incident.

The key terminology to look out for is my “Covenantal and Stem Cell Education” philosophy and methodology. Intended for secondary and higher institutions of learning, the program will soon be a project on Kickstarter. My hope is to raise the funds needed to lower the costs of the class for less prosperous schools of education and those hard hit by Co-Vid. My initial series of four hour-long classes teaching will provide the basis for a book on the subject for the academic press.

The import of the program is to help teachers define the nature of the teaching contract with all approved students in the classroom. From the neighborhood children to those of migrant workers, teachers will find fulfillment in addressing students at most phases of development. We’ve also long neglected internship supervisors who might have been taught that free student/apprentice labor needs no payment via valuable instructional interactions. Interns deserve better initial job experiences.

Obviously, teachers have different qualifications from one another. Each should be assigned, by knowledgeable administrators, to the assignments best suited to their outlooks.

Students also have different backgrounds and a contract with families to detail acceptable behavior is also overdue.

I hope to complete the preparation of my ground-breaking vision for education in the near future. Please look out for copyright infringement – my first publication of my class offering was made February 11, 2022, from notes begun in November of 2021.

Barbara Roslyn Rubin

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