Update on ‘Citizenship’ Markers in Israel

August 9th, 2022

What are the advantages and responsibilities of citizenship? In a world rife with massive transitory paths -forced or voluntary- the line are blurred until those with full understanding shed light upon the intent/impact of nationhood.

In previous posts about my status in Israel, you saw the egregious issues resulting from policies foreign to a (first) nation being implemented as a means of oppression. Foreign influences within the Incorporated State of Israel too advantage of terror attaks and Co-Vid lockdowns to avoid normal communications between myself and my Israeli bank about a negative balance. Upon my arrival in 2021, I was told a writ of execution made myself a virtual prisoner within the borders of Israel. The debt was a mere $600 with significant interest by this time.

A debt I was not allowed to pay because the collection agency refused to meet with myself or intermediaries.

The claim was that they lacked English speaking staff. Russian translators abounded however with non-Jewish refugees flooding the country. The impact was imprisonment with climbing interest to levels my Social Security income would not resolve. The intent was clear as government office after office refused to assist.

After eight months of horrendous pressures including thefts, vehicular rammings, a stoning incident, and a sexual assault in the female dormitory of a hostel, forces from outside of Israel freed myself from the debt. I had even tried to cancel my citizenship to allow myself to allow myself to end the debt from outside the country, to no avail. The pain of cancelling a dream of belonging within Israel was immeasurable and the case for the necessity was made in letters published earlier in this blog.

Fortunately, cancellations of citizenship was not needed. Freed at the end of June, I again became an Israelite in search of an Israeli passport. I took a brief break to visit the Emirates and the holy city of Medina in Saudi Arabia for six weeks, returning to Israel in mid-July. Here, the mixed leadership (the US army occupied central command Israel) still refuses myself an Israeli passport despite my having become a citizen eight years earlier.

The very concept of depriving a Jewish woman of the most important statement of trust and pride – the international passport giving testimony the bearer represents the values of the issuer – is anathema. My grandparents had documents in Eastern Europe that merely said “Jew”, useless at borders. This Israeli government only offered the same to myself in the travel ‘document’ given upon arrival only for entry or exit from Israel. Refusal serves to cancel my identity as a National of an ancient tribe grown to maturity within its own (

I’ve lived some for my grandparent’s hells because I kept my religion. The officials speaking for Israel must prevail upon the shadowy figures in front offices to give myself the proof that Israel again opened its house in 1948, complete with the national statement of the bearer’s freedom to travel in the name of ‘The Name’.

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