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Behavior Modification and Our Belief Systems

January 24th, 2013, No Comments

My trips through the USA and Europe have been fraught with experiences representing the schizophrenic affects of political upheaval in the West. Along with all of that is a glimpse of the hopes on the part of some of the strongest cultures on earth for recovery. All in all, it resembles a great human experiment […]

Remiss about Violence

October 11th, 2009, No Comments

Several recent articles and a blog have served as powerful reminders that governments cannot be discussed without reference to issues of male dominance and violence. These issues overshadow economic, political and cultural factors often cited as the reason why the intolerable should be accepted. Oppression can never be relegated to the level of a mere […]

No Boy Left Behind

March 26th, 2009, No Comments

This column by Kathleen Parker is indicative of the impoverished intellectual landscape that President Obama is facing as he gears up to alter the course of our disastrous history. I believe the platform was built on the concept of ‘change’. This must be staunchly resisted by conservatives for fear of having to share their rung […]


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